For the pizza delivery example the coefficient of variation is 0 25. Thus the two data have equal coefficient of variation.

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The value of cv is calculated only for non zero mean.

Coefficient of variation example problems. Text mean cfrac 40 46 34 35 45 5 cfrac 200 5 40 step 2. You can know more about standard deviation from this standard deviation worksheet coefficient of variance example. The coefficient of variation of b 114.

For example if we have a standard deviation of 1 5 and a mean of 5 the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean is 0 3. Find the coefficient of variation of the following sample set of numbers. Since the data have equal coefficient of variation values we can conclude that one data depends on the other.

Determining the relative size of coefficiente of variation in a sample problem. C v σ x x 100. Calculate the relative variability for the samples 40 46 34 35 and 45 of a population.

Formula for coefficient of variance coefficient of variation cv standard deviation mean in other words coefficient of variation is defined ratio of the standard deviation to the mean. In other words the standard deviation is 30 of the mean. Calculating the coefficient of variation.

Start with the variance s 2. The coefficient of variation of a 191. If n 10 x 12 and σx 2 1530 then calculate the coefficient of variation.

What is the coefficient of variation of a sample that has a mean of 20 and standard deviation of 2. Analysts often report the coefficient of variation as a percentage. Sample mean 1 5 6 8 10 40 65 88 8 223 8 27 875.

1 5 6 8 10 40 65 88. Calculate the sample standard deviation. The relative measure of dispersion based on the standard deviation is known as the coefficient of standard deviation.

He considers the following options for investment. σ σx 2 n σ x n 2 1530 10 12 2 153 144 9 3. Fred wants to find a new investment for his portfolio.

Find cv of 13 35 56 35 77 solution. To compare the dispersion of two data coefficient of variation σ x 100. Fred was offered stock of abc corp.

Number of terms n 5 mean. The formula to find coefficient of variation is. In this example the standard deviation is 25 the size of the mean.

5 700 100 27. 9 420 100 27. Coefficient of variation numerical problems on measures of dispersion range quartile deviation m d s d variance coefficient of variation c v standard deviation is the absolute measure of dispersion.

Coefficient of variation c v σ x x 100 3 12 x 100 1 4 x 100 25. The coefficient of variation can be reported as a percentage. Example of coefficient of variation.

He is looking for a safe investment that provides stable returns. This value tells you the relative size of the standard deviation compared to the mean. 1 5 6 8 10 40 65 88.

It is a mature company with strong operational and financial performance.

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